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Implied Warranty defined

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Implied Warranty Defined is that the merchandise or equipment is fit for the ordinary purposes of which such goods are used.  “Usage Of Trade” and “Merchantability” are also required under the Implied Warranty definition as specified in The UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) Article 2a.

The simple definition of Implied Warranty is that the equipment leased must function as it should and is considered as acceptable in the industry from which the equipment belongs.

To gain your own further understanding, consider reading the UCC section on this definition.

Important Information on Implied Warranties

An implied warranty exists in a lease unless it is excluded in the lease.   An implied warranty defined can be excluded by using the language “AS IS” or “With All Faults”.   Any language that brings attention to the fact that there is no warranty, excludes the implied warranty.     Another way this can be accomplished is by the lessee having inspected or refused inspection of the leased asset.

For an example of no implied warranty defined:

Suppose a copier was delivered to an office for use (demo trial) prior to agreeing to leasing it.  The opportunity to test, run and inspect the equipment before agreeing to the lease, creates a situation of no implied warranty.  This is paraphrased from UCC Article 2a, the governing law over Commercial personal property leasing.