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Equipment Leasing

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Equipment Leasing Information – Making Sense of Lease Contracts

If you want information on Equipment Leasing, there is no better place for unbiased and expert answers than our Lessee’s Advocate community.  Our Editor, Eric Klee has been leasing office equipment for 30 years +.  Eric’s the resident equipment leasing guru who has written dozens of articles on leasing.   In fact, you can find the best and most meaningful information on leasing from our leasing articles on this site.   You will save yourself and your business a lot of expense and frustration by following our equipment leasing articles

5 Critical Factors that Make Lessee’s Advocate A Unique equipment leasing Information Destination?

  1. There’s no selling going on, so we just want to help you improve, like a real community should
  2. Real expertise with decades of experience leasing equipment to real business customers
  3. We write because we enjoy sharing what we’ve learned
  4. We focus on what we have serious technical knowledge. So, we don’t blog about everything under the sun.  We are a small business oriented resource
  5. We gladly accept original articles from our subscribers and we promote them on social media for free and allow multiple links from your article

Definitions to help you understand Equipment lease contracts

We want you to know everything there is to know about equipment leasing. So, the best place to start is by learning what the terms mean that are used in a lease contract.  If it affects you and your bottom line, we’re going to showcase it here at the Lessee’s Advocate.  But, we don’t just have basic definitions.  For each term, we provide an easy to understand definition and then we give examples of its use in lease contracts.  Because we want you to understand how the terms you need to know will affect you, we give pointers and tips on the definition page.  That way, you’re already learning very useful knowledge about equipment leasing.

Equipment Leasing isn’t our only area of expertise.  We’re part of a brain trust that has expertise in running businesses. That means we’ve got the who gamut of business disciplines covered.  Our community leaders come from all walks of life, with varied backgrounds, so you get a well rounded variety of articles and tools to help you be successful in your business.   It’s a fact, that 60% of all businesses will lease equipment at some point in their life.  Given that its nearly a 1 trillion dollar industry, it pays to have a real grasp.  Perhaps you’re preparing to lease a new office copier, printer or even some construction equipment.   We guarantee there is no single place on the internet that gives the insider secrets we provide in our articles.   Why?  Because the websites that offer any leasing information are leasing equipment or offering to set you up with financing.  They aren’t going to tell you how you can reduce their profit.  It makes sense doesn’t it?

Comments and Experiences

Do you have your own history with lease add ons you would like to share?  Your experience could save someone else the anguish.  We value any comments you have.


If you have a specific question that goes beyond what you can leave as a comment, please feel free to provide your information and question below.  We will get back with you in a reasonable time and do our best to make sure your question is answered.

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