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Equipment Leasing Myths Cost You Thousands

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You should Know the Truth About Equipment Leasing

If I earned a dollar for every person I’ve talked to that had an ill conceived notion of leasing, I could make a lucrative living just talking.   I would bet a dollar to a doughnut right now that you too believe some of the most egregious equipment leasing myths. The fact is equipment leasing myths cost you thousands.   If you care to know, what you ought to know about the lease contract you’re signing and why you’re mislead… you need this information.

All modern equipment leases have a non cancellation clause.  Furthermore, its true that you can’t cancel a lease.   If you think you can get out of a lease when the equipment fails to function or the vendor refuses to fix it, think again.  You can’t and you won’t.  Sure, you can sue the vendor for various reasons, but the leasing company is another case.  The lessor is a finance company, in the case of a finance lease

About the author

Eric Klee

My name is Eric Klee. I've been in the equipment leasing and service business since my first professional job in 1984, in Saginaw Michigan. I've owned several small businesses, including two copier companies. I presently own Digicor, inc., an independent copier sales, service and leasing compay I began in 2000. I call Tampa Bay, Florida home, having moved here from Flushing Michigan in 1989.

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