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humor & sarcasm

Humor & Sarcasm is a category which contains posts, news, articles and information presented in a light hearted way. The sarcasm may be offensive to some, but may contain a message of value, or not, worth reading.

Overlapping with other non humorous categories may occur.  For instance, an article presented on Mental health that is also largely humorous (to me anyway) may appear in both Mental health and Humor & Sarcasm categories.  Perhaps, a bit of irony exists that I picked mental health as an example to also be humorous.  Mental Health is no laughing matter, but I’m depressed, so I can make light of it, right?   That’s one example of how I roll, so I’m sorry if you’re offended…. Lighten Up for our own mental health.

In my opinion, laughter is the best natural medicine.   SSRIs are better, but they aren’t natural, are they?