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Lessees advocate publishes news and information you can use to help you in your business. We are here for the sole purpose of providing resources.  You need help navigating through business and we can help you succeed while doing it.  Among our articles, you’ll find money saving information on leasing from our internal office equipment and leasing guru.  Once you read our  articles covering equipment leasing, you will be able to distinguish between myth and reality when faced with lease decisions. If you get our educational tips,  you’re guaranteed to be a smarter  customer.  You will save real money if you learn the wisdom our leasing guru teaches. Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Find out from pros, the best methods to save money and time with what you do.

The business information hub, Lessee’s Advocate, supports community involvement and information sharing. We encourage you to share articles of value.  We believe that sharing is caring, when it comes to knowledge that can help someone else learn what you already know.  In turn, your shared article links back to you, generating traffic and recognition for you.

Mission Statement: Lessee’s Advocate

Our objective is to support small business lessees by providing education, information and resources for their growth and success.  We will strive to continuously develop methods to build a community with new ways to teach and illustrate ideas that benefit our subscribers. We will always put our  small business support first over special interests. We hold to high standards of  character and ethics in everything we do and say. We value the creation of community based business and respect the knowledge that others bring to our mission.


Lessees Advocate will provide enhanced  customer programs and services pertaining to equipment lease finance and negotiation on an upgraded subscription basis.  Upgraded subscription will include free access to our exclusive, copyrighted publications, knowledge base, and tools. Upgrade subscribers will receive lowest published equipment rates available and have access to professional, situation specific advice.

Target Audience: Advocacy for Learning and Community

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  • S Corporation
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  • LLP
  • P.A.
  • 501(C) non-profit corporation
  • Church
  • Schools

Why the Lessees Advocate?

Notice how the large equipment companies, huge finance companies and Lessors have powerful lobbyists, representation and associations.  Yet, there is basically no representation or support for small businesses. Sure, there are consumer groups and generic organizations who claim favor for small businesses, but there isn’t much in the way of unbiased resources for that group.  Where do business people turn for basic information on important topics that affect the bottom line.  Unbiased information is important and so is an expert source to turn to, in order to make sure you have the best, most complete articles an tools. Here at lessee’s advocate, we take the profit incentive out of the equation, where learning is concerned, and replace it with community based knowledge.


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